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1 September 2021 - 12 September 2021
Bologna, Italy
SANA 2021 - Digital Session and On-site Event


Platform to manage B2B Meetings for Buyers and Exhibitors

SANA 2021 will be divided into two phases: SANA Digital Session from 1st to 8th September, and SANA on-site from 9th to 12th September.

Sana Digital Session is a project that aims to support and improve the dialogue between Sana Exhibitors and Buyers, retailers and distributors of the organic and natural field. The Digital Session intends to be a specific tool for the business sectors involved in the on-site Exhibition in a period during which the pandemic consequences still affect people’s behaviour and travelling habits.

Sana Digital Session will be a valuable tool for the buyers that won’t be able to visit the fair in Bologna. It will give them the chance to meet Sana Exhibitors and starting business relationships that could be strenghten in the future.

All the participants who will join the Exhibition in Bologna can also set their meetings during the days of the Digital Session to start an initial contact and then setting the meetings during the on-site event days.

A particular attention will be given to SANA New Products: using the "SANA NEW PRODUCTS " tag in the Marketplace area Exhibitors can upload a showcase with all the information concerning their last launches on the market. These details can be searched by other participants by using specific keywords.

B2MATCH will be used at first as an online meetings platform and then as a tool to set meetings during the on-site event.

A unique occasion for the Organic and Natural Fields’ Professionals!

For any further information you can contact our Events and Incoming office to:


Serena Pulsone
Tel. +39 051.282841
Cel. + 39 335.7471447


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Bologna, Italy

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Participants 238
Meetings 451


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Canada 5
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Germany 3
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Indonesia 2
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